8 Top Tips For Artist Social Media

January 17, 2019 | by Alice Roberts

With an estimated 9 out of 10 social media users engaging in music related activity on social media, fan demand to get closer to their favourite artists keeps on growing.

It goes without saying that having a digital presence is a big part of the job of a musician. In fact, in a world where Instagram fame can come before anyone has even heard your music, knowing how to manage your accounts properly is more important than ever.

Whether you just want to get your music heard, increase the number of fans you have, or boost sales of an upcoming release, here are 8 top tips to help you gain that via social media:

Establish Your Channels

This is the starting point of any social strategy. Before you can do anything, you need to figure out which channels to focus on. You can do this by asking yourself:

  • What are my objectives? Look at each platform carefully, and ask whether they will be best to meet all of your goals.
  • Which channels are your target audience using? After you’ve aligned your goals with your social channel selection, you need to consider where your audience is interacting online. So get ready to do some research! There are plenty of statistics online that summarise the core demographics of each social channel. Take that information seriously and make sure you’re where your fans are!
  • What are other artists using? Almost equally as important as analysing the channels your target audience are using, is taking into account what social media channels other artists and taste makers are active on. Look at what type of content they post and how regularly  they post it, as well as how many likes or shares posts gain. Checking how active your competitors are on social media and how their followers engage with what they post, will provide you with valuable insights that you can replicate to guarantee success for your own strategy.

It’s also really important to consider how many accounts you can manage. While it’s unlikely having just the one account will tick all the boxes, spread yourself too thinly and you’ll risk diluting the impact of your efforts. Choose wisely, repurpose content for different platforms and take advantage of scheduling apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Have a plan

Planning is key! Create a content calendar and stick to it. By using this and adding key events, releases and gigs, you can put together a social plan that will help you stick to a good frequency of posting, and make the most of every post (especially the important ones). If more than one person will be posting (eg if you’re in a band), multiple members can have access to the document all contribute to making sure it gets stuck to.

Tell your story

Social media is the ideal place to tell your fans more about yourself and your work. Put a face to the music and tell your story! We’re living in a world where there’s an enormous amount of competition for social media space, so if you don’t make someone stop what they’re doing and engage, you’ll lose out. Build your profiles to create an action or an emotion, the true test of storytelling is how you feel or what you do after you consume it.

Be Reactive

Jumping on trending topics can help expand your fan base, as well as encourage your fans to start conversation – and there are tools within a lot of social apps to help you do this! For example, keeping an eye on Twitter’s trending hashtags of the day and scroll through Instagram’s discover page every once in a while. If you can create something original and clever that stands out from the crowd you will see more engagement, which creates a snowball effect and makes you more visible to people who never previously knew you existed.

Use New Tools

One way to make the most of social media is to take advantage of all the new features. Not only will this make your content a bit more interesting (and make you look like you know what you’re doing), it could also help increase awareness of your music. For example, Instagram have released a few features in 2018 to integrate your music within the app including soundtracks in stories, sharing from Spotify and Instagram TV. 

Engage With Fans

Don’t shout into the void, talk to your fans. Replying to comments is a great way to show your personality, and can make followers feel closer and more loyal to you. Building these online relationships will encourage engagement with your content, and it turn help you build a strong following. It might take a bit of time to get back to followers, but it’s so worth it (and you don’t have to reply to EVERYONE). It can even be as simple as reposting a picture/video one of your fans has taken, which still benefits you immediately by providing you with free content

Be Open

In the past, brands and artists alike have felt the need to be polished and perfect, only giving a bit of themselves away online. This (thank god) is not such a thing anymore. There will always be an element of reservation in a brand’s content, but as an artist you should feel free not to worry too much about what you’re posting. By no means does that mean blurt out thoughtless political statements, it’s more like take a picture on your iPhone while you’re out and feel free to post it without editing.   

Most Importantly, Be Your Authentic Self

Don’t just create a product, create a culture. Your fans follow you because they want to get to know you better, understand what you’re about and be more involved in what you do. If you fake it, they’ll see straight through you.