We launched The Long Road in 2018 as a brand new festival with no online presence, who needed to launch all social pages and build a high level of engagement in just a short time before the line up was released and tickets went on sale. We needed to achieve a high level of awareness for the event incredibly quickly, and build trust in the audience to purchase tickets to a first year event.


We created a customer first Digital Marketing strategy that ensured content not only built awareness and engagement, but preempted questions and concerns, was informative of the offering and provided solutions as required. Community management was a key focus throughout the campaign, ensuring quick response times and a high level of customer service and follow up, as was a “delight” strand to the output rewarding early adopters and fans.

Our launch strategy focussed on engaging the wider music community through both organic engagement drivers such as comps and UGC, as well as paid advertising across identified channels frequented by identified fans. Once those audiences were engaged we implemented a community focussed social campaign that encouraged sharing and further strengthened the bond with the ticket holder.


10,000 Attendees in the first year
9,690 Social following gained before the event
Over 1M People reached across social media
700k People engaged across social media